UX Design process to help people live a healthier life.

Greedy? …it’s ok …I am!

Nowadays everybody is kind of aware of healthcare and wellness; trying his best to stay in shape or whatever. Nowadays every smartphone has an activity tracking or a wearable technologies that does the job. Nowadays everybody ( i hope ) know one Healthcare-related mobile apps…

The Wellness institute

The Wellness Institute wants to…

LOZANA B {e-commerce case study}

Illustration Rony Jean-noël

[Due to the COVID 19 situation] a lot of Local shops and practitioners are suffering a decrease in the demand of their services and products. …

IRONHACK challenge 2


For the second challenge, I had to wire frame the flow of an app of my preference. I did not realize that I use the most is my Bank app CAISSE D’ÉPARGNE.

It’s a really handy and well crafted app; I like the fact that you…

Design thinking

City mapper is a free transit app solving a lot of the urban mobility problems.But there’s is still one issue: The amount of public transport tickets users have to buy to go from A to B.

The process can be annoying ; For those i have interviewed, it’s…

Rony Jean-Noël

graphist/illustrator who loves to learn and experiment

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